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Flown around the world twice, on 500+ flights:

1 – JFK > LAX > HKG, HKG > MUC > JFK

2 – JFK > YVR > HKG, HKG > JFK

Traveled to the End of the World (Cape Horn)

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We enjoy EcoTourism, SiteSeeing and UNESCO Travel! We are on a mission to discover all the Wonders of the World and as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as is humanly possible!

Our Blogs are divided as such:

As children, they grew up daydreaming they would travel and see everything there is to see in the world. Shankar was raised reading lots of books on the great icons, ParthenonPetraColosseum, et al. His mind would wander on the sunny days of sitting at the Guyana library and be lost in his daydreams of crossing the Panama Canal, as well as gazing upon the Great Pyramids of Giza. Casey always knew she would love traveling and as a teenager desired to be an Airline Stewardess. At 14 she thought, “What a fabulous and convenient way to see the world while working!” Great idea, right?

Alas, it never came to fruition. On the other hand, she landed a job at American Express where she started her travels. It was during her 14 years @ American Express that she actually got her feet wet traveling on business trips within the USA and London. She loved it! Unfortunately, her travels just whetted her appetite.

It was only when the stars were aligned and she met her husband, Shankar, that she really, really started to enjoy traveling around the globe. Their first trip was to Paris, London and Greece. It was incredible! It was their first UNESCO trip without even knowing what a UNESCO World Heritage Site was!

Their latest adventure travels took them to Jordan where they visited PetraWadi Rum, Amman, etc. Previously, it was RomeGreeceEgyptTurkey and Malta.

They both thirst for travel and exploring the ruined archaeological worlds of past civilizations. They have an unquenchable desire for wandering around with locals, enjoying their food, wine and culture.

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We hope you enjoy visiting our blog. Please do leave comments and let us know if you are planning on exploring any of the sites we visited and we can exchange tips on your travel. Or, share with us your travels so we may learn from your experiences also!  Happy Traveling!

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