The Great Wall of China – 7 Wonders of the World & UNESCO Site

The Great Wall of China: an amazing walk as far as one can walk on the Great Wall. The excitement and thrill of walking this monumentally long Wall is an incredible experience, one that we will cherish for a long time to come.

We took the cable car up to the Great Wall.  It was a nice sunny day.  What an incredible  view of the Wall and the mountains!   One can’t help but feel so free, so relaxed, yet so anxious at the same time, to get to the Wall.

The Great Wall is on a vast mountaintop with lots of steep hills. The entrance is past a small market as you walk up a hill. I stopped to buy a sweatshirt with a picture of the Great Wall in front of it – I didn’t know if it would get chilly later in the day. We took the cable car across to where we started, at Mu Tian Yu. The site is beautiful and exhilarating; the ride took about 10-15 minutes. This is the less crowded side of the Wall. As we walked along the Wall and the  many watch towers, we stopped, oh so very often, to appreciate the incredible view.  I loved turning back and watching how far I’ve walked, as the Wall snakes across the hills and mountains, like Snakes and Ladders.  Only thing, though, there were no ladders but massively steep hills and walkways.

We started our walk separately as we wanted to see who would reach the absolute furthest first 🙂 The walk had some very steep steps, a lot of difficult climbing, and areas without any walkways. It could be consider a bit risky at some point, as you get closer to the end. Which is not really the end but the furthest you can walk. One can not walk  the full length of the Wall.  There is a lot of bushes & trees that have taken over the Wall.  We walked as far as we could.  It’s not surprising that the government cannot maintain these UNESCO sites as they should, as we have witnessed in most of the UNESCO sites we have visited thus far.

The view from the Great Wall is mesmerizing. To stand and take a couple deep breaths, with no worry in the world, was overwhelming.

The weather was great; cool early morning with midday being very warm. We would recommend light clothing, good walking sneakers, a hat and definitely lots of water or beer 😉 There are a couple of small vendors on the Wall selling beers and water but very expensive, as you are not only paying for the liquid but also “location, location, location.” On our walk back we had the pleasure of paying USD $10 for a beer. I can truly say it was worth the money after accomplishing our walk on the Great Wall. On top of a hill, inside one of the many watchtowers, the view was breathtaking.

I had my beer in one hand and the Chinese flag in the other raising it with a sense of accomplishment in my entire body. It’s the whole idea of the feeling of being on this tremendous Wall that was partially put up in the 7th century BC to help protect China against the North invasions. It was built as a defense system and now it’s a historical landmark. It’s the world’s largest military structure, one that spans in length more than 20,000 kilometers. It took us about 3 hours to walk end-to-end of Mu Tian Yu.

We walked the Wall on our own without a Tour Guide. We don’t do tours normally because we actually like reading about and exploring the sites on our own.  We don’t like the restrictive feeling that usually accompanies being bustled about and around by someone. Not to say their services aren’t good. The majority of our trips are without  tour guides, although we will elicit their services when deemed needed. One of the best things we have found is we are able to explore so much more than with a tour guide.

After our Great Wall achievement, we took a taxi and went down the hill, five minutes away from the Great Wall to a fabulous scenic  restaurant, where we had all sorts of local cuisine to feast on.  It was really good!

7 Wonders of the World  Site is Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

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