Hong Kong, Kowloon Bay & Aberdeen, China

Our trip started off from New Jersey to JFK Airport in New York to Vancouver, Canada to Hong Kong, China. We were lucky to be upgraded to First Class tickets because we are members of Cathay Pacific’s Frequent Flyer program. It was incredible!!! First class seating on a Cathay Pacific flight is heaven. It’s like you are sleeping in a pod and have your own waitress serving you while housed in the high-priced pod. In love with Cathay Pacific!!! Upon clearing immigration, we were pulled aside by immigration officers and questioned on our travels, mainly due because we didn’t have a hotel booked in Vancouver. Which, I guess, to the restrictive Canadians, signaled a red flag. We overnighted in Vancouver, rented a car & drove around the entire day.

 Oh my God! Landing in Hong Kong was like a dream. There were people everywhere. The airport itself is huge. We caught the train to the shuttle bus to our hotel in Hong Kong. The buildings are magnificent. Tall skyscrapers and colorful buildings with rays of lightning. Designer brand boutiques everywhere in sight, similar to Park Avenue, NY, but much better. The shuttle bus dropped us right in front of our hotel which was in the middle of the city, not far from the Hong Kong port. So happy we were actually in the middle and close to everything.  We had dinner at the hotel.  Dinner was so good, although it was a the Hotel.  It was superb!

The next morning we took the hi-speed train to Kowloon Station where the Pacific Hotel is.  Train Tickets are USD $25. The train station is awesome.  Wow!!  We spent the entire day around Kowloon Station.  By  918pm, we were tired and headed back to our hotel.  We took the free shuttle bus to the last stop to Royal Pacific Hotel.  With the huge timezone lag, we were waking up at 4am. We had breakfast at a local restaurant on Hai Pong Road just a walk from the hotel. That time in the morning, you can be the first to see all the small business owners preparing to open for business. It was just amazing watching the locals working so fast.  Shankar had a huge bowl of noodle soup.  I had oatmeal with tuna fish sandwich.  Definitely not the kind of tuna one is used to in the States.

After we finished with breakfast, we  headed to the Metro to catch the train from Tsim Sha Tsui to  Ngoni Ping   – heading to Lantau Island to see the Great Buddha statue.  I can’t wait to see this humongous Buddha that I have read of and seen pics for as long as I can remember. Hong Kong is a hi-tech version of Park Avenue in New York City, albeit much, much more upscale. Tons of designer brand and incredible skyscrapers. In the night the skyscrapers light up, kind of a lightshow.

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