The Bund @ Shanghai, China

We took the high speed train from Hong Kong to Shanghai. We booked first class as we wanted to ensure we had really great window seats. First class on the train is worth the extra splurge.  The ride was very comfortable; so comfortable, we forgot one of our bags on the train.  When we got to our hotel, the Executive Suites Xuhui Shanghai, then  we realized.  The hotel concierge called the train station and left word that we forgot our bag on the train. The next day we stopped at the train station for our bag with our friend Cathy.  She went with us as our interpreter LOL.  Voila! Our bag was waiting for us.  If this had been New York, we would never have gotten it back (not being cynical or judgmental at all!).

We took a taxi and went into the local market and shopping mall.  For tourists, it’s not a very safe place to be alone or if carrying a lot of money on you.  This place is like Chinatown in New York City but worse.  There are people constantly approaching you, selling you replica designer watches, bags, you name it, they have it.  We quickly got out of that area and took a taxi to the Bund.

We loved our day strolling along the Bund and taking in the magnificent view of the river front with all the amazing architectural designs that added a picturesque effect to the Bund. As we were walking, a couple of young teenagers came running towards me and asked me for my autograph. It was so exciting and kind of strange LOL: I guess they mistook me for some famous Indian celebrity?

We walked along the Huangpu River and came across the Atanu Bar, formerly known as the Signal Tower. This Signal Tower  used to broadcast weather reports for Shanghai.  The Atanu Bar is a very elegant and cozy rooftop bar. I loved the winding, spiral staircase getting up to the roof top.  It’s sort of like climbing to the top of a lighthouse. It was fun!  Getting back down of course was more fun after having a few cocktails. It’s an Asian fusion lounge and bar, serving cocktails and fusion food.  As we sat in a comfy sofa,  we overlooked the Bund with a cocktail in our hand cheering being there at that moment in our lives. We snugged up under a blanket (yes, a blanket that the bartender gave me to help me stay warm) watching the Symphony of Lights from the Rooftop Bar.  We had delicious fusion sushi. We had martinis (shaken, not stirred) and toasted the night away, taking in all the Bund had to offer that evening, while watching numerous boats and yachts pass by.

We woke up the next morning and headed to our new-found favorite international café, Café 85. This Café has the most freshly baked pastries and ice coffee; in any flavor you can think of, they have it. The Bund is a must-see in Shanghai. For deliciously flavored ice coffee, check out Café 85 on your next trip to Shanghai or anywhere in China.

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