Shenzhen, China

We went to the Tsim Sha Tsui train station (check out Russell Peters’ hilarious comedy skit about this station’s name!), which is about 5 minutes from the hotel in Hong Kong. Our first train stopped at Ma Tei, we got off and switched to the East Line Green Line to the last stop, Lo Wu. There is a lot of people on the East Line.  A very nice experience to ride the train seeing all the local people doing the same thing we do in the United States; being on our phone, LOL.  (For optimum use of your budget, when taking the train, purchased the 24 hour train card.)

Shenzhen is your typical industrial-age city in China. Standard fare buildings, trains, and the normal hustle & bustle of a mid-sized urban city. One interesting surprise was the Shangri-La Hotel, about 2 blocks from the train station.  We met our friends Terry and James at the Shangri La Hotel in Shenzhen.  WOW! The Shangri La Hotel is a sight to feast your eyes on.  We met our friends in the lobby bar of the Shangri-La for a few drinks. James, was an affable guy, friendly and fluent in English. After Shenzhen, he took us around to visit a few sites in the area and then we had lunch at a very nice non- touristy restaurant, the name of which we don’t recall.  The food was non-stop.  Things that we would never even know to order, James was ordering while Terry and we were enjoying.  It was a food feast.  After a very long and delicious lunch of various appetizers,dim sum, roast duck, fried rice and lo mein (to name only that which we remember!), we headed back to Hong Kong via the high-speed train. Our visit to Shenzhen was a quick in and out day trip, because it was mostly industrial, factories and businesses.

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