The Dead Sea, Madaba, Jordan

What an incredible place to see! The calmness of the Dead Sea was wonderfully serene during this time of year.

We drove from Amman, which took 3 1/2 hour on the only Jordanian highway going to the Dead Sea.

You can’t get lost driving around as there are only two main highways. There is so much more to see and experience when you take yourself around, like being in control of your own time and the destinations at which you end up.

For example, dining in an off-the-beaten-path local restaurant and chatting with the humble Jordanians.  The Dead Sea is visually astounding. We got a day pass at the “O” Beach Hotel. This mesmerizing sea-front property is just breathtaking.

The Dead Sea is the Lowest Point on Earth, the Saltiest Sea & divides Palestine, Jerusalem, Jordan.

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