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Look for Um Er Rasas only if you speak or read fluent Arabic. In all our travels, it was the most difficult site to find! Due to the recent elections, the Jordanians took it upon themselves to plaster a single poster of individual political candidates onto the road signs. Strangely enough, the posters were only plastered on the English version of the signs; the Arabic was clearly legible! Was this a disregard for English-speaking tourists? Did they presume all tourists would be with Arabic-speaking guides and hence have no need for English signs? We did not come to a conclusion on this (this pic is not what most of the signs looked like).

Why a single poster per road sign?

The signs are small, so they can only put one poster per sign. Why the road signs? Simple. It’s a desert. Not much else around to hang posters on ;-).

Had to use Google Maps on our iPhone to ensure we were heading right. The sign are plastered with graffiti, the road map was not scaled properly, and there weren’t too many Bedouins to ask directions from now. Not that I knew any Arabic beyond the basics!

iPhone Google Maps was a bad choice, btw, as AT&T greeted me with a $1,000+ phone bill when we returned to the sanity that is home sweet home. After much ado about nothing and lots of stress, we found Um Er Rasas. Alas, it was closed. We were able to take some pics from the outside, at which point I was happy for our Nikon D90 with its 200mm lens.

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