Stonehenge, England – UNESCO Site

On a visit to London, England for the third time, I decided it made no sense to return there again and not visit Stonehenge (wiki). I took my niece and nephews with me, unaware of exactly how expensive it would turn out to be :-) We boarded the train from Waterloo Station (wiki) and after two transfers, made it to Salisbury, England, the town that Stonehenge is in.

Unfortunately, I did not have our trusted Nikon, so the pics I took were with a not-so-decent camera phone (I have gone thru so many phones my the past few years, I don’t even recall what phone it was). We took the kids to the museum first to get some historical and cultural background, then spent the afternoon visiting the site.

I was, sad to say, underwhelmed by the site….. The boulders were not as huge as I had expected them to be (the magic of camera angles in the media, perhaps?)

7 Wonders of the World Finalist  Site is Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

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