The Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Ahhh. The Irish. Bangers and Mash. Triple-distilled 12-year-old rums. Guinness. You get the drift….

We spent a couple days in Dublin, Ireland on our way to Barcelona, Spain for a Mediterranean Cruise. We did what the Irish are “infamous” for – hitting the bars! As soon as we landed, we hopped into a taxi and asked to be taken straightaway to The Temple Bar, Dublin’s happening bar for locals and tourists alike. Since they are famous for their collection of whiskeys, we sampled a few, starting from the top of the shelf and ending up someplace in the middle (can’t remember). The roundup included Powers 12yr, Bushmills 12yr,Blackbush 12yr, Jameson 12yr and others we recall not.

For breakfast, I ordered a few glasses of Guinness to wash down the requisite Bangers n Mash, one of Ireland’s staple meals. Of course, that was immediately followed with some Irish coffee ! We toured Dublin Castle and was spellbound by its interior.

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