The Blue Grotto, Valletta, Malta – UNESCO Site

Visiting the prehistoric sites/temples replete throughout Malta was inspiring.  Since we were there for a short time, we cabbed all the visits which ran up a pretty sum (but their rates are published, so at least you know aforehand).

The City of Valletta is itself very pretty, well-landscaped and appealing to visit. I first knew of Malta from the movie The Maltese Falcon, which I understand is what put it on the map for the common folks like us, although it was already a vacation and getaway location for the elite.

The Megalithic Temples of Malta (wiki), comprising of, among others, The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, the Hal Tarxien Temple and the Mnajdra Temple, are incredible sights to see and explore how prehistoric man searched for God, then, as we do today.

We had lunch in Mdina, atop the Fontanella Tea Garden, with its resplendent view of the city of Valletta below, perched as it is atop a huge hill.

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