Party City of the Mediterranean, Ibiza, Spain

By missing our flight to Portugal as part of our Mediterranean trip, we ended up visiting Ibiza. We sat at the airport plotting our course, so we don’t waste two full days of our fully planned itinerary.

Ibiza – the city of party and more party. We stayed on the coastal side of the island. We walked along the waterway, stopping in at many of the cafes. It’s a very clean and safe city!

It seems like everyone sleeps in the day and parties in the night. We had lunch at one of the ocean-side restaurants, which also serves as a yacht and boat hub. It was intriguing sitting at the restaurant and watching people cleaning their yachts and boats.  Taking care of a yacht is a major task!

The hotel had a party one night, which we attended. There was a live DJ who played only electric/retro music, all night.  It was quite interesting people watching in the club. Ibiza is one heck of a great and exciting island to visit during peak season.

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