St. George, Bermuda – UNESCO Site

Bermuda was for us what Malta was – the opportunity to explore an island country and ensure we saw all the UNESCO sites for sure. We had the kids with us, and needless to say they were not excited about the prospects of visiting “UNESCO World Heritage Sites” with us. But, after my usual ranting and raving with excitement about what they would experience and the inherent cultural value of UNESCO sites, they went along, and were extremely pleased afterwards. Their first experiences with us on vacation visiting “non-exciting” UNESCO sites is something they will remember for a lifetime.

We frolicked around on the pink sand beaches at John Smith’s Bay and paid homage to St. Peter’s Church, Bermuda’s UNESCO-listed and the oldest Anglican church in the West. I didn’t get to do any diving, much to my chagrin, but we took the kiddies out snorkeling in a tiny private alcove, which they thoroughly enjoyed. We also visited the Historic Town and Town Hall, whereupon the kids created a mock town hall meeting and voted me off the island! We also ventured into/sampled the Perfume and Rum Cake factories, adding some scents and tastes to our senses.

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