Tulum Ruins, Mexico

We ferried over from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen and at Senor Frogs met our tour guide from the Xtreme Tulum tour company. A 20 minute ride to our first destination, where we ziplined and rappelled our way thru the Mayan jungle. (Shankar was videoing his entire rappel zipline ride, hence the Nikon in hand.)

After that, it was a 15-minute ride to the Archaeological Site of Tulum, the ancient Mayan ruins and the only one found in Mexico that is situated on a beach, walled off in a rectangular shape (sans the beach side, since it is its own natural wall). Sadly, it was only upon arrival at Tulum that we realized we had actually visited here back in 2005, but had forgotten that we did :-(

The beach and cliffs are replete with giant iguanas, so accustomed to their mammalian intruders that they hardly bat an eye when you lie 2 feet near them.

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