John Hardy, Casey and “Guy”

Casey and I went to New York City for Fashion Week and of course, we ended up shopping. Since Saks Fifth Avenue had the bulk of the entertainment, we went there. At the John Hardy counter she met Guy Bedarida, Creative Director / Head Designer of John Hardy.

Seeing her shopping there, wearing her previous JH jewelry, Guy volunteered to engrave her existing jewelry for her.
He also presented her with the 2 bamboo plants which somehow remains alive and well!
JH has a positive ecological impact on the environment and water preservation efforts in Bali

After the engraving, we chatted a bit with Guy, talking about Bali, Indonesia, where JH jewelry is created, designed and hand-made. After hearing that I had visited Bali a few years back, Guy (rather nonchalantly) invited us to have dinner with him at the JH Bali Estate “when next we are in town.” Sure, we will be on the next plane and hop across 2 oceans 😉

This pic is directly from the John Hardy website

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