Solvay & Solar Impulse


Solvay, first main Partner and Technology partner of Solar Impulse

Solvay became Solar Impulse’s first main partner in 2004. It is also the technology partner providing its recognized competence in material developments and applications.

Turning a vision to reality by flying day and night using the solar energy, with no fuel, and to give an impulse to renewable energy and energy saving, Solar Impulse is a perfect symbol of the major efforts and technological leaps needed to ensure a sustainable future.

Solvay recognized in Solar Impulse the values that have sustained the Group over the past 145 years.

  • Pioneering Spirit, including a sensitivity to ecological challenges, with positive and practical awareness of sustainable development, leading the search for alternatives to non-renewable resources.
  • The Human dimension encouraging dialogue and reflecting the Group’s culture and willingness to engage in collaborative efforts.
  • Business-oriented values, allowing sustainable growth to be achieved through innovation, and promoting a positive and credible image for the Group and its entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Environmental awareness, showing that chemistry and life sciences are an important part of the solution to the challenges that rise in front of us.

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  1. Great photos thank you so much for sharing with Solvay!

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