Grace Bay Beach, Turks & Caicos Islands

Turks & Caicos – Islands of White Sand Beaches and Turquoise Waters! Our first time to Turks and Caicos was spectacular! A must, on the island (if you intend to roam about the island), is a car. You ought to rent a car else taxi fares on the island will add up. We thought the island was very small, based on the maps we’ve seen, but it really isn’t, in terms of places to see and things to do. We were lucky enough to be sitting next to a very friendly gentleman who suggested a car rental on the island. His recommendation turned out to be a good one as we were driving around the island every day in the afternoon for lunch and dinner. He also gave us a few recommendations for beaches and sites to see along with the restaurants. He lives on the island so he was perfect to take recommendations from. He has lived on the island for a few years now with his beautiful wife and two handsome sons, whom you will see in the Youtube video below.

We had to wait for our rental car as we didn’t reserve a car ahead thinking we wouldn’t need one. While we waited we visited the airport’s small restaurant (nothing to be desired). We sat and had our first Turk’s Head beer and fried Conch. The conch was delicious. The beer had a really strong scent to it but tasted really good. One beer was enough for me as it was a bit strong on an empty stomach.

We got our car and headed out of the airport parking area (very dusty roads and small airport; seems a lot of Renovation being done). Shankar got used to the right hand drive very quickly. As we approached the resort it was the most spectacular view of the turquoise water I’ve seen, like in magazines and commercials. The turquoise water and the blue sky was the perfect combination of greeting. We were on the 4the floor facing the beachfront with magnificent views and steps away from the marina and beach. We loved it as it was the perfect resort for our first stay in Turks and Caicos.

There weren’t any crowds or loudness. It was very isolated. We had the entire beachfront for ourselves. In the evening we walked along the marina. Lunchtime we visited the Salt Grill bar and restaurant facing the marina. We had rum punch … and then more rum punch! The bartender and hostess were all very entertaining – a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our 1/2 day private snorkeling tour – it was fun but I was scared because the water was a bit rough on the first snorkel stop. The second one was great – got to do about an hour and a half in the water and I loved it!!! Shankar dived for Conch. He brought up two! The captain n staff made into delicious conch salad. We stopped at Half Moon Beach and Iguana Island. We only saw one iguana 🙁

Shankar did a 6-hours-long scuba dive (depth of 70 ft) on a two-tank dive. He saw a shark that swam close-by. He saw a lot of colorful fish but as he dived down further to the bottom of the ocean he said it got dark and wasn’t fun anymore. Yeah ok. Hahaha.

We met a few nice people on this trip. A couple from Houston – their 3rd time to Turks and Caicos. We also met a wonderful family who lived in Japan for years then moved to Turks and Caicos. Reed is a businessman on the island. He took us out for lunch with his family to Las Brisas restaurant. The restaurant is on the other side of where we were staying. It had the most beautiful scenery of the turquoise water and ocean. Breathtaking!!!!!

It was the perfect island setting. Instead of eating we were in awe with our surroundings. A MUST see on the island. Reservation is a must. After lunch he drove us around to the billion-dollar homes. We stopped to see the work being done on one of the Shaw Design Homes, which is showcased in the Turks and Caicos in-flight magazine. It’s definitely a sight to see. The house is on its own island with a drawbridge!

Dinner at The Regents Palms was ok but nothing to write home about. The foyer, as you enter The Palms, has palm trees in the middle of the restaurant. They have indoor and outdoor dining, with French doors that lead to the courtyard. The food was great! We had a conch ceviche for appetizer. For the entree, we had the grouper and the Mahi Mahi filet coupled with Merlot. After dinner we headed back to the resort and sat on the veranda and soaked in the ocean breeze.

Da Conch Shack was excellent. Tons of rum selections. I tried a 23 year old Guatemala rum which is cured in sherry. All in all our Turks and Caicos trip was great. It was the perfect birthday present from Shank!!

Restaurant Recommendations:

Parallel 23 @ The Regents Palm

Coco Bistro – surrounded by palm trees. Great food selection. Food was very tasty. Dress casually – don’t believe the ad in the magazines. It’s a very casual setting. Make sure you layer on bug spray. LOL

Da Conch Shack on the beachfront – best rum selection!

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