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Iguazu Falls – 275 falls in all, semi-circling around a gigantic sink hole, at the borders of 3 countries – Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. This is the view from the Brazil side.

My first helicopter ride over the Iguazu Falls in Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil! I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. We sat in the back and took it all in as we flew over the falls. Spectacular from the sky!  Tons and tons of waterfalls, all flowing, all amazing.  You can’t take your eyes off the falls or you are scared you may miss one. It was spectacular!!!  Shank’s second chopper ride (if you count a helicopter ride in Tennessee over the Smoky Mountains. LOL). We took the bus to Iguazu Falls National Park from the Brazilian side. Cost $83 Reales ($40 US) for both of us. We took a car to the Brazil side and had our driver, Marcos, drive us about Foz Do Iguacu (Portuguese for Iguazu Falls). We initially met him at the airport and he had brought us to our hotel.lodge. Our private cabana-style suite had a hot tub/jacuzzi outside of the master bedroom, IN the jungle. There were huge, grand old trees twisting n winding through the lodge. It was as if we were one with nature. In the night you hear some of the animals. It was a great nature lodge. They have a very nice restaurant and pool, with very cozy n friendly staff.

Once you are in the park, you have to walk to the falls. It’s a lot of walking so make sure you are equipped with the right walking sneakers, a hat and sunscreen, and most important, lots of water. There isn’t anywhere to eat, except for one shop at the far end of the falls that will support your junk-food habits. Other than that, you are on your own. By the time we were finished, the park was closing (seems to be a perpetual problem of ours: Petra & Panama comes to mind). We had to walk a long way to get to the exit to take the bus back to the entrance we came in from, where Marcos was patiently awaiting us.

It was the most amazing waterfall I ever laid eyes upon. It’s simply breathtaking. The feelings you experience is absolutely worth the trip to the Brazilian side of the falls. Its spectacular – words cannot describe the feelings, the emotions, the beauty, of this place.  One of UENSCO’s best falls in the world, and a New 7 Wonders of Nature winner. Gee, I wonder why!

The views here are beyond what words can convey. As even-more-spectacular as the Argentine view turned out to be, the Brazilian view of the Falls is incredible. The HeliSul chopper ride above the falls, albeit a measly 10-minutes, is a well-recommended splurge. The aerial view of the surround Paranas river is awesome. Seeing Gargantia Del Diablo from above (the largest of these 275 falls) adds a whole new new meaning to depth of view.

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