Christ the Redeemer, Rio, Brazil – 7 Wonders of the World & UNESCO Site

Beaches. Favelas. Cristo: all things of fame in Rio, all incredibly beautiful to see. The sand is so white that sometimes I thought my camera filter was broken or the camera was somehow over exposing. Cristo Do Redentor, or the Christ the Redeemer for those in the North, is a dizzying experience by itself. We opted for the 2-car train winding through the mountain forest instead of the faster taxi ride to the top. Christ the Redeemer was breathtaking. We were amazed that the fog that was upon the monument – it kept coming and going all day. The people who sell the tickets advised us not to go up as the fog is too much and you can’t see anything.  We were glad we went because we were able to see Christ clearly, once the fog moved away. After a few hours, we went to the cafe one level down from Christ the Redeemer and had cappuccino at Restaurante Corcovado. The cappuccino was delicious. Shank had a second cup. We stayed very late at the top of the mountain but it was getting colder. Took the train back down after walking down as far as we could. The only way to get up or down is by the train. You take the train up then you have two choices – escalator and or stairs.  I think there is an elevator as well. So there are really three choices. We got some really great pics, and the tripod came in handy, as most people do not know how to shoot a decent pic.

7 Wonders of the World Site is Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

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