Cartagena, Colombia – UNESCO Site

We visited Colombia as part of our 2-week Panama Canal Cruise. It is one of the better Latin American countries we have seen, and we aren’t just saying that because we have friends from there 😉 The historical clock towers, so prevalent among Spanish-influenced countries, are attractively painted in a nice yellow pastel.

Walking through the streets with the extra-wide roads, one can only wonder how romantic it must have been here during its heydays in the colonial period.

As in Jamaica, we saw the usual fruit-selling ladies, hawking their produce atop their heads, reminiscent of the Chiquita Girl.

Cartagena is extremely clean, and most of the locals are very friendly, willing to give directions or just chat. Many of the homes we saw were well-maintained, with the traditional vines pruned and growing along the walls. Most of the homes had window-based flowerpots, replete with pretty flowers. Most of the UNESCO-ranked forts are also very clean, maintained and in good condition.


  1. Its sad that you went to Colombia and never mentioned it. You bum!

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